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Do you only work with clients looking to go 100% plant-based?

No way José. This is your unique journey towards health & happiness, and what that looks like is different for each person, disease & long-term goal. I’m all about gradual, sustainable & individualized behavior change. Evidence-based progress, not any one-size-fits-all dietary prescription. Interested in dabbling in a more plant-centric diet? I’m all over it. Just looking to heal your relationship with food, reduce your GI symptoms, or get answers to your burning vitamin/mineral questions? I can't wait. Let’s do this.

I don’t live in San Diego, can we still work together?

Absolutely! In fact, most of my clients aren't local to SD. I see clients via whatever telehealth channel best suits their busy lives and schedules - Zoom, phone call, carrier pigeon - you make the call here.

How long are your appointments?

Initial appointments are about 60 minutes long, while follow-ups tend to run closer to 45.

What is a Dietitian, exactly? Is it the same thing as a Nutritionist?

The term nutritionist isn’t regulated, so technically, anyone can call themselves a nutritionist, even with no formal training, license, or certification. The title ‘Registered Dietitian’ (or ‘Registered Dietitian Nutritionist’) refers to a formal certification that requires a minimum graduate degree from an accredited university, a 1,200-hour hospital-based internship, passing a comprehensive examination, and mandated continuing education to maintain licensure. RDs/RDNs are also held to a professional code of ethics.

Do you bill insurance? How can payments be made?

As of right now, my business is entirely cash-based. Payments can be made via Venmo or Paypal, as well as mailed cash or check. 

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