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Online COURSES & trainings

Welcome to my brand new course catalog, a fresh and growing collection of online courses designed to walk you through some of the most common conditions and concerns I see over and over again in my practice. 
From anorexia and eating disorder recovery, to nutrition for cancer treatment and recurrence prevention, I can't wait to share this life-altering information with you in an intimate, interactive & cost-effective setting. 
Stay tuned for more brand new course content, coming this fall. 
Yours in wellness, 

- grace


My brand new online course designed to walk you through the evidence-based steps, tools & resources proven to help individuals recover from Anorexia Nervosa or restrictive diet mentalities. 

Anorexia & Restrictive Dieting Freedom Course



Stay tuned for this multi-lesson course designed with cancer treatment, survival & recurrence prevention in mind.

Nutrition for

Cancer Treatment & Recurrence Prevention


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