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Fullness & Satiety

There's a good chance when I sit down to start work in the morning, I will open my my direct messages on Instagram to find 8-10 unique individuals writing me to inquire,

"I'm hungry all the time, what do I do?"

To address the obvious, eat. If you're hungry, the low-hanging fruit is most obviously to increase the portion size and/or frequency of your meals.

More specifically, you want to ensure your meals satisfy both the stretch and density receptors in the stomach (yes, it has both!).

Every snack you eat should contain satiety activators like water, fiber and/or protein.

Lets double click into that.

You want to eat foods high on what's called the Satiety Index. There’s actually a study published on PubMed called the Satiety Index of Common Foods. It tested 38 foods and showed what happened when people ate 240 calories of any one of them (oatmeal, popcorn, jelly beans, etc.), waited two hours, and then went to an all-you-can-eat buffet. The big question was, how hungry were they still? Which snacks prompted them to feel more satisfied and consume less calories two hours later?

The results of this study were, and are, some of the most potent and empowering advice I give to my clients surrounding the topics of weight loss, fullness and satiety.

And for your convenience, I've synthesized the results for you in a single, color-coded resource.