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A Dietitian's Guide To Cooking Oils

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

As a dietitian, I'm often asked which oils are best for cooking, baking, "bullet-proof coffee" making, and every endeavor in between. And as a whole-foods plant-based nutritionist, the debate of whether oils are even healthy in the first place always finds it's way to my desk.

So today, I'm giving it to you straight. We're diving into the most common plant-based oils, the productions methods, smoke points, and nutrient profile of each, as well as how to select, store and cook safely with those that suit your family's interests.

Whether you're looking for the perfect frying oil for your homemade plantain chips, in active recovery from a major cardiac episode, or simply seeking evidence-based information on this confusing and often contradictory topic, let's cut through the fat and get to the facts here.