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Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Let's tease out the facts from the misinformation, shall we?

So here you are.

You've heard the overwhelming evidence for the benefits of consuming a plant-based diet for cancer prevention, heart disease and type 2 diabetes reversal, weight loss, reducing inflammation, combating the symptoms of autoimmune conditions, etc.'ve also heard there's increased risk for certain nutrient deficiencies. And then there was that one time Jaden Smith's skin turned grey while eating vegetarian. So - ideally we'd like to avoid that too.


(On the Jaden front - eating one meal a day and then blaming the effects of plain and simple, unadulterated starvation on vegetarianism - well that's a topic for another blog post entirely.)

The truth is, a plant based diet is a MIRACULOUSLY healthful way of eating...when done intentionally.

By definition, vegans follow a strict plant-based diet, in avoidance of all animal byproducts such as meat, dairy and eggs - just to name a few. That means eliminating or significantly reducing intake of a variety of compounds known to cause disease when consumed in significant amounts - such as cholesterol, saturated fat, trans fatty acids, hormones and antibiotics.