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Updated: Aug 19, 2021

So, its 2021 and body positivity is all the rage.

Juice fasts stole our money, that Alli weight loss drug made everyone publicly soil themselves, and the Kardashian's "waist trainers" *surprisingly* under-delivered. We're fed up with the gimmicks, pills and potions, and ready to trade in the self-loathing for whatever the fierce-ass kool-aid Ashley Graham is sippin' on.

But how do we bridge the gap between knowing we should love ourselves and actually doing it? How do we take years - decades even - of negative self-talk and transform it into positive affirmations we actually authentically resonate with?

The blue-print is present and accounted for, folks.

But first, its critical we tip our hats to why we've fallen prey to this beast of a burden in the first place.

For the average person, body image makes up about 1/4 of our self-esteem. But for those prone to dieting or disordered eating, that percentage can be much larger.

Not only that, but women with eating disorders also are more prone to body image misinterpretation, meaning they often mis-perceive the size of part, or their entire, body. This distortion is a real, physiological consequence of this illness, as well as its ugly step sister - diet culture. It's important that those of us prone to disorderly relationships with food or our bodies recognize this distortion, and at