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My Experience with Disordered Eating & Recovery

Unlike other topics on this platform - this one deserves its own, unique style and space. There are simply no infographics, research articles, or meta-analyses that can do this topic justice in its entirety. Because while disordered eating may seem appear to be a food-related problem, anyone who has ever called its destructive walls home knows it would be negligent to offer up a solution that was purely nutrition-based.

I know because this burden was once my own to carry. In fact, it was an experience that carried such deep pain, emotional turmoil and self-discovery that it ultimately inspired my going on to become a Registered Dietitian myself. I guess when you witness a single profession bring you out of the darkest time in your existence, you naturally want nothing more than to offer that same sense of relief and healing to others.

But that doesn't erase the messiness of it all.

Messiness that I've avoided, grazed over, and vaguely alluded to in an effort to, "be honest" but not too honest. Pages in my history that I've intentionally kept my conscious memory from re-reading in order to avoid re-living a chapter marked by deep wounds, damaged dignity and behaviors I would largely deem incongruent with the person that I am.

And that's why this conversation is a necessary one.

If I can't get over my ego and acknowledge the messy truth about what I experienced in my 18th year of life, how can I expect those patients I'm working with to acknowledge and heal from their similar afflictions? How can I expect to trudge back onto the battlefield and guide others out of those same horrific trenches if I haven't even taken the time to retrace my steps and consciously discern how I navigated myself to safety?

This post right here, represents that final leg of the journey. The cherry on top of my healing, the retracing of those uneven steps, and the putting to use of it all - marrying what the science has to say about recovery with what worked for me in my own treatment process. The practitioners' perspective, coupled with a survivor's frame of mind, and peppered with some serious realness along the way.

But before I jump ahead and start tying a pretty ribbon around my past, let me take you back to where it all began. In this 6-part video series on my past with disordered eating and recovery, I'll cover my rapid descent into Anorexia as a teen, how I learned I had a serious problem, and take you - in detail - through my journey to recovery. I'll also include thought-provoking questions, resources and information throughout each video that may serve as a roadmap for those of you struggling with similar demons, or simply for those who love someone they suspect might. Ultimately I think everyone can benefit from this series, as it acts as a constant reminder that "thin-ness" and "wellness" are far from synonymous, while continuing to prompt us all to examine the real nature of our relationship with healthy living.

Episode 1: The Downfall. Depression, Dieting & the Denial I Was Living In About It All

Episode 2: The Acknowledgement of my Disease and Embracing the Idea of Recovery.

Episode 3: Discovering My Purpose & My Person

Episode 4: Dreaming Big & Leaving the Conceptual World Behind

Episode 5: Tools For Recovery

Episode 6: Full Recovery & Relapse Prevention

Thank you all so much for being here.

I truly feel so honored to have this space to share content that is as personal as it is evidentiary, and look forward diving deeper into these types of topics as the months and seasons pass.

If you're looking for more personalized guidance on how to eat intuitively or are seeking one-on-one care in active recovery from disordered eating, please feel free to visit my website and book a private session with me via email. I would be honored take part in your unique healing journey, and craft a tailor-made treatment plan with your distinct circumstances in mind.

Also, see my BRAND NEW Anorexia & Restrictive Dieter's Freedom Course, linked here. This product has been months and months in the making and is designed to walk you through each one of my recovery tools, tips and resources to tailor some of the concepts we've covered in this series + many more to your unique healing journey. I hope you'll take the time to check it out if your heart is nudging you in that direction.

Thanks so much again for dropping in.



This post was written & medically reviewed by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

Grace Pascale, MS, RDN. Grace Pascale Nutrition.


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